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I love the new update! Please don't leave me hanging with the atria bunker mission! The new update completes nearly everything, I'd suggest you to add more weapons for the npcs like pistols or shotguns, thanks!

You know what this is.

Cheeki breeki my dudes. They’ve updated this twice since I’ve bought it, which is awesome. Add crouch? That’s all I can think of. Would be cool if corner leaning happened.

Best FPS Nuclear Disaster EVER!! INSANE GRAPHICS.

I played Chernobyl for computer on my top of the line gaming PC in 2008/2009. This game is very similar to Chernobyl’s game play style and the graphics are even almost identical. This game is so much fun. It is map based. You beat all the missions on the first map. Then conquer the next and start over your gear build. Save your $ if your a game app spender for the second map!

Please add Multiplayer or Co-op

keep up the good work


I have been playing the game and noticed the following: 1) if you play the game for long hours at a time quests have a tendency to bug out 2) the English version still has Russian in it 3) missing dialogues 4) adding points to the stamina skill reduces your stamina Suggestions: 1) when an update in a quest happens let it reflect in the pda because sometimes you can forget where you are supposed to go 2) Try to fix the dead body system when a particular person has a certain quest item in case you accidentally leave the game before saving. 3) try to ensure the English translation is thorough I don’t mind the spelling errors because I had to use google translate to translate a whole text for important info for a quest 4) medicine crafting tables are not working 5) know there should be realism but this is still a game. The player shouldn’t be locked out of a quest if we don’t want to take it quest yet e.g first encounter with brainwave in rusty wasteland 6) The game shouldn’t be unplayable after every update rather than starting a new game and when new things are added to places already cleared out by the player let them be there till we find it. I know you are trying your best to make this game wonderful and you have done so with everything so far but there are still a lot to fix.

Great work

I’ve played this game since it first came out and there are some issues which you would expect from and game still being worked on the only problem I’ve had is I’ve bought in game items but my phone died and had to get a new one so I re downloaded the game and tried to restore purchases and didn’t get my items back that I haven’t used yet

Best Survival Game Worth The Cash 🔥🎮🤓

I absolutely love this game. This game is A-1 PRIME if you like the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. or FALLOUT type of games. (Max Difficulty) The food, water drainage is a good speed, the gunplay is very well balanced, and the items and recourses are tough to come by at times, but isn’t that the struggle of any survival game??? My only issue I have is that when you go to loot a Mutant/Merk the close tab is at the very bottom and on the border of the phones edge and therefore makes it hard to close. And so that makes it extremely difficult to tab to close and run away if your taking damage from RADS or Gunfire. Please revamp or disclose the closing tab in another location so it is easier to tap to close. Other than that minor issue the game is extremely fun and challenging for those who have a love and good sense of what a Hardcore Survival Game is. Cheers Devs keep up the hard work. 🙌🏾🤘🏾

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Fans will be right at home here

If you’ve played Shadow of Chernobyl or Call of Pripyat, then The Sun: Origins should be a comfortable fit for you. Gameplay is overall similar to STALKER, but the sun: origins definitely has a few tricks up its own sleeve.

Lots of potential

I haven’t really gotten that far into the game(legit haven’t gotten passed the first mission), and I think that it could be a good game. My only issue is that the controls are not intuitive and they aren’t that user friendly. Wish the divekopers would use 3D Touch and make it so you can aim faster when looking down site. Other than that, I think it’s a decent game.

Auto save

Auto save does not work and you are not able to loot half of enemies due to the amount of bad effects they put off like chemicals and radiation, radiation is too strong and you can’t wait it out meaning you have to cross 3 miles to buy an anti radiation kit for too much money to use it to lower it down to yellow WHERE YOU STILL TAKE DAMAGE?? Secret codes don’t work 0/5 hate it I’m getting a refund


This game is just mind blowing, it reminds me of fallout but different stories. In my opinion you guys should make like heavy armor, and more and cooler looking guns like fallout. This is probably the best fallout game ever on IOS. Keep up with these updates and the good work. :)

Nice game if it would startup

It's a very nice game and I will see the game plan for it but it won't start for me

Settings not saving

After all of the updates, all my settings are still resetting. This is really frustrating.

It’s good, but it needs some improvements.

The game in itself is pretty good! It plays pretty nice and reminds me a bit of Fallout. The graphics are good for mobile, and I love the trading system. My biggest gripe, is the Mfi support, and the map borders. I’d recommend filling in the white void with mountains, or something like that. The controller support needs completely reworked though. I don’t want to sprint all the time, it’s awkward to shoot, aim, and walk at the same time, you can’t jump, and reload is menu button. Other than those things though, I’m really enjoying the game! Keep working on it!

Worth Your Time and Money

This game is breathtakingly advanced when compared to other games on the App Store. This game is extremely fun and has a great plot although a bit cliche in a few areas. The only big problem I have with the game is the translation from Russian to English which, with some practice, can be understood but some elements are lost and some sentences are unreadable and I am sometimes lost not knowing what I am supposed to do. Great overall concept and with a bit more polishing and fixing, will be very successful.

Not that good

Doesn’t save my data or loads


The game has a decent foundation but still needs lots of work.

Map is way too ugly

This is the perfect example of horrible map design. Seriously the map is just flat and there is no 2D background photograph or anything Its a video game, use your imagination. At least put a fake 2D background so its not 360 degrees of white emptiness. Even just taller hills/mountains would help. But that opening area seems 20% complete in the graphics department

It’s cool

But very hard

Needs Work

I think this game has a lot of potential in the future. And hopefully a lot of updates. But I find this game somewhat annoying. It never lets me save the game. I was very far into the game and I died. I was sent back to the beginning because it didn't register my saves. And for the auto save. I think it should auto save after each and every mission. Otherwise, it won't work out for a majority of gamers. Some might complain about the quality. I think the developers have done a great job with the effort they put into it. I'm just going to set this game aside until the game has somewhat improved.

Put a restart from checkpoint mechanic

I have made the mistake of accidentally shooting at someone that is involved in the mission

A mobile fallout??

When I got this game I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not. After playing for a few weeks I already love it and can’t stop playing. It’s very addicting to me and makes me feel like I’m playing the actual fallout games, all I can say is if you buy this game you will not regret it. It is worth every penny you pay for it which is not that much, it is an awesome game and is the best game I have downloaded on my phone. Keep up the great work!


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Great game but...

I love the game I’m just waiting till they add controller support pleeeeaaase

Best fallout alternative

This game is the closest to fallout I’ve ever played on iOS! I am excited for the upcoming updates! Great game!

Hard to get

Its realy hard to get a gun the works

Continuous Review

This review will have continuous update. Review #1: So far everything has been fixed for me. You developers are willing to put your time to help anyone with serious issues with the game and I admire that, so thank you for your patient. As of now, there’s a few things I want to point out: 1) The night vision is making noise when you turn it on. Not sure if you guys already notice that. 2) The Body Armor Shturm is weight about 122. That’s over the limit of what Raven can carry, which is 70. This breaks the game since players cannot move at all once they wear it. There’s not enough artifact to increase Raven’s weight limit either, so it would be best if you guys heavily decrease the armor’s weight to a realistic level. Maybe 8 or 10 would be enough? 3) I think “Lost Squad” is still broken. Completed the task but it’s still in my PDA. Also, Forester is impossible to find, I can’t get him to spawn in the “Interesting Location” event. I search everywhere in the world map and mostly outside of Blockpost, but he never spawn. Lastly, can’t find Atria anywhere in the world map, or is that across the border in Land of Community? If so, then I will wait until you guys are ready to release the new map in the future updates.



Needs tweaks and balancing

Some balancing and tweaks and This can be a very nice game. 1- mechanic should have often enough money to buy your loot. If you can’t sell your loot you will not enjoy the game. The guys have very limited money making your loot useless 2- the looted guns are always broken !, why ?!! How these marauders are fighting with broken guns ?!! 3- some mutants emits a ridiculous amount of radiation !!!, that should be lowered, they are mutants not nuclear plants ! 4- the amount of antirad and healthpacks needed should be lowered to make the game enjoyable. You cannot expect the player to buy (with real money) a supply offer each time he wants to play a couple of missions ! ... 5- you should have an arrow on the pda map that points in the direction of the mission target 6- a beep from the pda or any similar system should be implemented to warn you of nearing enemies I ll stop playing it for now in hope that you guys make changes that can makes the game enjoyable...


I’m playing on the newest iPad and the game is very choppy. I’d love to keep playing but can’t because of the poor quality of gameplay. Please fix it!

Great.. but

So I’ve been playing this since it was released, there’s a lot going on once you get passed the initial start of the game. It’s definitely worth the 1.99 but it’s not even close to a complete game. By the looks of the wasteland map I’d say maybe 1/3 or so of the game is available. One thing they don’t tell you in game is how to inspect items and click info. Doing this has actually opened up some areas and quests I didn’t have in a previous play through. But, the 1 constant that seems everyone has is that there are quite a few missions involving the rusty wastelands and there is no rusty wastelands . At least the developer has not unlocked it for us yet. Besides that, there’s some npcs with invisible Dialog and your responses are invisible as well and sometimes clicking through gets you random missions but you have no idea what they say. I encountered a new npc named rod which you have a long invisible conversation with lol. Anyways I’ve done everything possible in the game until rusty wastelands is opened.

Games like this direly need:

MFI support. (PLEASE!!) Touch screen controls are so sloppy for any FPS, for such a remarkable game such as this it’s really doing a disservice to not have MFI support.

Impressed by the support

A small team with a lot of heart, these guys are constantly updating the game trying to fix bugs and make it better. Awesome support guys, and keep it up!


The fix for fall out that I have been waiting for and gets better with each update. Seriously I can't put it down. Language doesn't bother me. Would like better weapons to start with other than the 9mil. Best game for your money and I have spent thousands on iOS games. Sometimes I get stuck at locations and when you try and leave it just gets stuck on loading. Keep up the great work guys love the game

Diamond in the rough

Fantastic game & atmosphere ! okay, a bit rough around the edges as many state, but with a heart of gold ! Can’t remember when already after 5min of play I was scared to loot a corpse because when I hang around too long I get irradiated too much ! Keep the updates coming ! Kudos to the team. 27 Nov: any chance you could add iCloud support to play with the same save on iPhone & iPad ? Thanks !

Good so far

You need to look past the bad English translation, because for the price, there is a lot to the game. I have played for several hours already and feel like I have already gotten my money’s worth. It is a very difficult game so far, but the developer has provided 4 save slots, and you can save at any time, so save a lot, because you will die a lot. Fun to explore, die, reload and explore some more. Great graphics, fun to play!

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